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Traktor Archiver v1.2 has been released. New in v1.2 include:

  • New audio player
  • Double-click entry to load track
  • Supports WAV/AIFF/FLAC/MP3/MP4 (STEM)/OGG and more
  • Left-click on waveform display to jump to section
  • Colour coded frequency information for waveform
  • Right-click on entry to show in explorer / reveal in finder
  • Check available space on drive before exporting archive
  • Added user setting to auto play tracks when new track is loaded
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Highbit Software is the home of apps developed for Lowbit Records. We have decided to move the apps over to it’s own domain as we are creating new apps. Our apps are either free (but donations are most welcome) or priced around the value of a fancy coffee. We are always interested in hearing about feature requests or ideas for new applications so get in touch with us if you have any requests or ideas.