Traktor Archiver

Traktor Archiver is a utility program to backup and clean-up your Traktor collection. With Traktor Archiver you can select multiple tracks from your collection that will be exported to a compressed archive, including each tracks metadata (import date, rating etc) before the original files are deleted and the Traktor collection pruned of the deleted files. This is a great way to save space on your hard drive and also keep your collection tidy. Traktor Archiver also lets you open archives created with Traktor Archiver to import files back into to your collection, including all the original track metadata.

Check out this short run-through video of the app in action

Traktor Archiver is available for both Windows and Mac OS X for an introductory price of £4.99 and will be raised to £7.99 on 1st of October 2017.

Please note that the generation of serial numbers for the app is a manual process and can take up to 48 hours be done.