Traktor Archiver
Traktor Archiver is a utility that can open a Native Instrument Traktor Collection database and list all its entries. Select one or more entries in the list to export to an archive, including each entries metadata such as rating, import date, genre etc. Once the archive has been created, the original music files will be deleted and their metadata removed from the Collection. This is a great way to clear out old music and optimise your Collection.

Traktor Archiver can also open previously created archives to import back music and their original metadata, preserving import date, ratings etc, to the Collection. Great if you need just a couple of tracks from an archive for a gig.
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Main window
The main window of Traktor Archiver. Click the table headers to change the sorting order, double-click an entry to listen to it or right-click to show the file in explorer / reveal in finder.
Filtering options
Using multiple filtering options it’s easy to drill down into a large collection to find certain files to archive away or import back from a previous archive.
Filter result
The result of selected filter is shown in a different colour so that it is obvious you are looking at a subset of the whole collection.
Purchase Traktor Archiver
Traktor Archiver is available for both Windows and Mac OS X and for a limited time costs £5.99 (normally £7.99).

Please note that with version < 1.2.x it is recommended to create packages smaller then 2 Gb due to limitations on the core framework. We are currently working on improving this.

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